Urban Exploration

4 06 2009
Torre Jaume I in Barcelona, Spain. 03-04-09, by Vivo

Torre Jaume I in Barcelona, Spain. 03-04-09, by Vivo

This is my friend Vivo’s new Urban Exploration website. He shall remain known only as Vivo because of the delicate nature of the way he gains access to the places where he takes these stunning photographs. I thought I would link to his site, as he will be populating it with photographs of his future and (numerous) past adventures. Vivo has a keen eye for photography, and I like his style because he pays attention to the detail found in urban landscapes as well as his excellent use of light and texture.


Goodbye Gatton!

13 05 2009

Gatton in the Twilight, originally uploaded by a3396717.

I took this the afternoon prior to us leaving Gatton. I really enjoyed my time in Gatton doing farmwork. At first is was hard, but after a while it was OK. Our coworkers were friendly and genuine. It’s something I believe very few people of my generation will ever get to experience.

The world has changed so much in the past 50 years, and living a simple life, working outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine looking after the land, and reaping what you sow (pardon the cliche!) is a very rewarding experience. Best of all, your work stays at work, and your time at home is your own. No pressure from deadlines or stresses about climbing the ladder. I guess its certainly a good way to lead your life. However, our feet were getting itchy, and we knew it was time for a change.