Finally moved in!

2 10 2008

We moved into our new house-share yesterday. We are sharing with another german couple, another english guy and another guy who is from denmark (or one of those nordic countries). They all seem to be nice, tidy people so we are very happy to be there. The german couple are very nice, and have been very welcoming thus far. The house itself is quite large, with high ceilings and big windows. Our bedroom is a nice size, not huge, but not small, we have a bed, a desk, 2 wardrobes, a fireplace (with mantelpiece) and polished wooden floor. We also have a TV that recieved channel 10, so my neighbours fix has now resumed. It is on at half past 6 every day, and it features 4 ad breaks (yes 4!). It also has cheesey dramatic into and outro sequences setting up the cliffhanger for the next episode. Word of warning: its still crap…. haha. And no, haven’t made it to Ramsay Street YET, soon though! ( clicky here to see where it is in relation to us:) We also heard that the residents employ a 24 hour guard to keep marauding losers (like me) from coming up to their houses asking where Harold is.

We have started looking for work in earnest now. April has been lucky so far in having secured a second interview at a jeweler’s in the city centre. I hope she gets it! I on the other hand have been applying to a myriad of temp/casual agencies, and handing out CVs everywhere. I am confused as to what to do, as my current CV is geared more towards finding professional work as opposed to temporary casual work. What I have found so far, is that shops/cafes/restaurants looking for casual staff still ask for a “resume” as they are called here, they expect some level of experience. I have never worked in a cafe or restaurant in my life, and I don’t particularly want to lie to possible employers, so am having to resort to being very enthusiastic and creating a good first impression. As of yet, I have received no calls back.

Temporary office work is trickier to find I am told by people I have met thus far, taking weeks, not days to arrange, and “come through” so speak. Some jobs are in quite far flung places in Melbourne, and would require long commutes, which kind of negates any benefit. I will find something, I just don’t want to end up doing something boring and mundane (i’ve got the rest of my life for that, lol). I did apply for a casual job cleaning boats by Melbourne dock, scraping barnacles off the poop deck in the searing heat might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I like the sound of it (no innuendo intended!) 🙂 I also like the idea of getting a driving job, as I would love to get to know more of the city and its surrounds.

Anyway, I am the only one still in here, and the chinese man manning the desk at the interweb cafe is giving me the “get the hell out, my noodles at home are getting cold” look, so I had better go.  Until next time. Love. Dave.