Machines etc

26 05 2009

I have a mild obsession with robots.  I am a big fan of anything robot or AI related. I am a total sucker for science fiction books, films and even music with science-fiction sampling. I found this clip on youtube a while ago, but never got round to putting it up on here. It is the final scene from Daft Punk’s film ‘Electroma‘. The story is about two androids trying to become human, and after encountering too much adversity in their quest, commit suicide. I find this clip visually stunning, although I do apologise for the naff timer at the top, I couldn’t find a better clip. The film itself is also interesting in so far that it features none of their own musical work, but that of a variety of other artists.  The soundtrack is nonetheless very good.

Music is: Jackson C. Frank – I want to be alone