Photography is one of my main passions. I enjoy the process of finding a worthwhile subject (and the journey getting to it),  composition and using various techniques to capture the image I desire.  I am constantly trying new techniques and expanding my repertoire. I am particularly fond of High-Dynamic Range photographs, and finding beautiful landscapes for Panoramic photographs.

I have recently started using the Canon Hackers Development Kit, (CHDK) which is a firmware add-on. This add-on overrides the camera’s native firmware and hugely expands it’s capabilites. It also allows for small software scripts to be run on the camera, which allow the camera to perform prolongued and repetitive tasks such as those required for Astrophotography and Lighning tracking. Needless to say this  has opened up a whole host of new features to expand my creativity.

Please find some examples of my work below. My main photography portfolio can be found on Flickr.

Light Painted Campervan

Light Painted Campervan
Light Painted Campervan

This is one of the first images I captured using CHDK. My camera has a15-second shutter priority limit, with CHDK, I can change that to a huge 80 seconds, which I made full use of, running around our campervan with a torch, highlighting it’s contours.

12 Apostles in HDR – Great Ocean Road

The 12 Apostles

The 12 Apostles

This image was formed by 3 exposures combined together to form an HDR image using Photomatix software for tone mapping.

Mt.Stromlo Observatory – Canberra

Mt.Stromlo Observatory
Mt.Stromlo Observatory

Panoramic shot of the inside of what used to be a domed observatory on the top of Mt.Stromlo just outside Canberra. Sadly this and observatory next door were both destroyed in bush fires in 2003. They housed relatively old technology (refracting optical telescopes) which are also on display during opening hours. Standing inside what was left of the observatory in what was utter desolation (there was no one else there) felt slightly un-nerving,  almost as if we were desecrating the grave of a once mighty space pioneer.


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