Notes from a Small Island

18 08 2009

Dandelions, originally uploaded by dnfisher.

Having been back in the UK for just over a week now, I have had the great fortune of being asked to attend interviews for three separate UX/UI design and Support roles around the UK, based in London, Gloucester and Newcastle respectively. I am very happy with this level of response, and am happy that the momentum I built up before my return to the UK has begun to pay dividends. I am very excited about the prospect of each role, as they are all realtively diverse and intersting. I am consequently quite busy this week preparing for my interviews.

I particularly look forward to returning to Newcastle and seeing April and my old uni friends. Will hopefully have some more news early next week.

In other news, I have now sorted some hosting for the new portfolio and blog. I intend to base the new site on the platform, as it is perfect for my needs, and enjoy its flexibility. I hope to have the new site launched within the next 2-3 weeks. I am not sure whether I will be exporting the contents of this blog.

In other notes, the reverse culture shock has not been as bad as I anticipated. It has been lovely to catch the tail end of the british summer. The first few days back in Bath have been gorgeously sunny, the air fresh and sweet smelling, and copious amounts of lush green vegetation everywhere. A very different picture from Melbourne which is still enduring a 10 year drought and ever dwindling water supplies. I will make a note of all the things that seem a bit alien to me now i’ve returned before I am totally re-acclimatised.



New Portfolio pieces

3 08 2009


I have been wrapping up a few loose ends with my current freelance projects. I had the pleasure of launching ASAPersonnel last week, my client has since begun using the CMS capabilites of the site, as well as embracing the largely automated Social Media marketing strategy that was created using TwitterFeed and Twitter.

I will be wrapping up another project at the close of this week, details to be announced.