Urban Exploration

4 06 2009
Torre Jaume I in Barcelona, Spain. 03-04-09, by Vivo

Torre Jaume I in Barcelona, Spain. 03-04-09, by Vivo

This is my friend Vivo’s new Urban Exploration website. He shall remain known only as Vivo because of the delicate nature of the way he gains access to the places where he takes these stunning photographs. I thought I would link to his site, as he will be populating it with photographs of his future and (numerous) past adventures. Vivo has a keen eye for photography, and I like his style because he pays attention to the detail found in urban landscapes as well as his excellent use of light and texture.




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9 09 2010

Fantastic picture. Urban exploration in Europe must be so much richer than here in North america where everything is somewhat new.

9 09 2010

Thanks for the comment. Yes- the UK does have a very rich history, with many relics of the past lying dormant, awaiting re-discovery.

From what I gather, there are some urban explorers who do it for the thrill, and others who do it to appreciate the history, and beauty of some urban environments which remain sealed off to the general public. I tend to side with the latter, but sadly, I don’t get the chance to do much urban exploration these days.

11 09 2010

Yes, the same for myself. Work and family life take up a lot of time, but still beneath it all I am a caver and explorer of whatever takes my fancy – urban landscapes included.

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