New domain name…!

28 05 2009

EDIT: I appear to be having some difficulty with WordPress’s DNS servers. Hopefully this will be resolved soon.


After recently finding a domain name web app at,  I decided to go ahead and get myself a domain name….. I purchased Not very creative, but functional nonetheless. Its my first ever domain..! checks through lots of the non-standard domain extensions like .nr, .ne, .to, .us etc so you can have a good look to see what kind of words and phrases you can turn into domain names, particularly if have your own host, you can get even more creative with a host prefix.

My favourite is which would be fantastic for any kind of technological solutions business. Sadly I don’t have the $4500 a year to buy the domain for a year (!!), or the technology business to stash behind it.

Other good ones include and If you find any better (or funnier ones) post them up.





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