Welcome to my new office….

21 04 2009

Missouri Tractor – HDR, originally uploaded by crsaze.

After not finding much work in Brisbane, we took a risk and headed to a small country town called Gatton, 90 kms west of the city. We managed to find work and accomodation within the space of 24 hours which was very fortunate. We are now working for a company called Winpack, which runs a farm and vegetable packing & distribution business, and we are employed as casual labourers doing all kinds of odd jobs.

For the past few days we have been mainly planting Broccoli and Lettuce. Its not hard work, but the days are long (usually 10 to 12 hours) and the work is repetitive. However, we do get to spend all day outside in the fresh air and sunshine (and occasional shower!) and I have been feeling my body begin to thank me for subjecting it to some hard work for once! I feel very fit, and am having no trouble getting up at 5am every morning which is very odd indeed.

I shall try and get some pictures of the farm if I get a chance, as there is hardly a moment when we’re not put to good use!

Also some pecularities about the local dialect in and around Gatton:

Broccoli is pronounced ‘Brock-ol-aye’


Every statement is followed by an ‘ey’ (which sounds like eeyy) at the end, much like the following;

“These plants are pretty small eh”

Ps Will look into getting my twitter feed fixed, as i’m not entirely sure what is wrong with it. Fixed!




1 04 2009

Its been a strange week this week. My new job which previous to this week, was going swimmingly, is now not looking quite so rosy. My boss informed me and my colleagues that she has no further funds to pay our wages until she can reign in new customers. It is a shame because as a start-up web design business it shows a lot of promise, and there is very big niche in the market for us. As a measure of damage control, we designed a marketing campaign for her tackle all the small-business owners in Cairns, and offer them a low-cost, high quality basic website, to gain web-presence (See Digital Kitchen). Hopefully, even with a moderate success rate, it should allow the business to start up again, and allow us to continue adding to our portfolio and hopefully pitch to higher profile customers. It slightly annoys me that I couldn’t do more to prevent this situation happening, but being part of a start-up company is always going to be a huge learning experience for anyone, and despite the results at the moment, the experience has been very valuable.

The side effects of this extend to our longer term plans because we rely on the steady income I was receiving to pay the rent and upkeep of us both. April has been very unlucky as she hasn’t had any luck in finding work, and is doing everything she can to keep herself sane. It has got to the point where we have now been in Cairns for a whole month, and find ourselves in a worse financial situation than when we arrived. Given the lack of work, and reliability of exisiting work we are seriously considering uprooting to one of the bigger cities where work might be more abundant and more suited to our skills. Its a shame because Cairns is a beautiful place and we have had some excellent times and met some wonderful people, but the type of work available isn’t well paid and there is an abundance of cheap labour (backpackers) willing to do it.

For now, I will be enjoying some time off, and taking the time to make some enquiries regarding work in other cities, and enjoying the last days with our good friends and flatmates Felix and Thorsten who are due to fly home to Germany tomorrow morning.