Loose ends etc

9 02 2009

Picking up the campervan tomorrow, am currently very excited to get going. We are both tying up loose ends, and sorting out any last minute business. April has been extremely good and has done 99% of the packing, tidying and cleaning! Bless her heart. I do quite often get in the way, although this is in no way intentional!

We purchased a few more camping supplies at the weekend which is what really drove it home in my mind that we ARE ACTUALLY gonna go on this roadtrip…. which in turn has me feeling very excited. We bought HAMMOCK, which will be a great source of hilarity I am sure.

I will probably be updating this blog via the twitter feed (via txt), as I am not sure how often we are going to be able to find reliable internet to write fleshed-out blog posts. I will be keeping my diary on a daily basis for future posts nonetheless.

I am still trying to flog my bicycle, which I discovered had a puncture this morning. The joy.

Also, for your peace of mind, we will be driving out via a different route that goes NOWHERE near the bushfishes that are ravaging the countryside at the moment, so no need to worry.

For now, that is all, hopefully will post again soon with the first details of our trip.





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