Happy 2009

8 01 2009

This post is a bit late bringing in the new year, but after all I am in Oz, and thats just the way its done around here… 🙂

The new year so far has been ok, I have been struck down with man flu and had to take 2 days off work to languish in bed. I am now back at work, enjoying the relaxed pace which I am assured won’t last long.

I really enjoyed the christmas break as I got a chance to sit down and do lots of reading, courtesy of our excellent local library (Stonnington City Council). One book I have just finished reading is called “The Singularity is Near: When humans transcend biology” by Raymond Kurzweil, a leading ‘futurist’ and well-respected computer scientist. This book talks about the developments we will see in computing and technology in the next 50 years, including the “singularity”, the point at which artificial intelligence will match and exceed biological human intelligence. Its not an easy read but compelling nonetheless.

I am now reading a few books on nanotechnology and biology. I am feeling very science-y at the moment! I guess I crave that kinda thing now I so far removed from any kind of technology more advanced than a ladle (joke).

Anyway, more news to come soon.





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