Post Yuletide

27 12 2008

Christmas was very good this year, albeit different! We bid a teary farewell to our freedom wagon, as I finally found a buyer for it, who was very keen to take it away before Christmas, I feel relieved for selling it, although life will no longer be so convenient!

Warm temperatures are reminiscent of being in Colombia having a warm Christmas, but lovely nonetheless. I stocked up on plenty of nice local wines which I chilled in an icebox, and our turkey and other trimmings turned out very well, I suspect I shall be eating turkey for the next fortnight!

Santa was also very generous, with numerous gifts including a tripod, some very cool t-shirts, chocolate and sweets, a hamper with some gourmet food and a few very good books and magazines.

We are enjoying our days off work after Christmas, with sweltering temperatures. Today we are going swimming in Albert Park with our flatmates, so bye for now…..




One response

27 12 2008
Nick Fisher

Merry xmas!
It seems life Down under has been just right for the 2 of you up to now!
Good planning always pays dividends.
Keep your eyes open for opportunities as these don’t come down your path twice.
Try to settle somewhere nice for sometime as the Uk still has long way to go to recover.

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