Nearing Yuletide

19 12 2008

Well, seems like yesterday that we left the UK despite actually being more than 3 months ago! Time flies when you’re having fun. Work is winding down as we near christmas. I understand the printing industry tends to wind down at this time of year, hence why the ink industry follows suit. Outside of work, we have been busying ourselves with preparations and shopping for our australiana christmas celebration which will be with our current housemates. I am in charge of cooking the turkey, so meticulous preparation will be undertaken!

During my free time at work, I have been reading snippets about the auto industry recently (mainly from the BBC news) and I feel very sorry for the poor people that work Ford, GM or Chrystler, must be horrible not knowing the future of your job at a time like this. I guess its not only the auto industry, with Woolworths going up the spout and the millions of unemployed back in the UK, all I can say is that I am glad we managed to leave when we did.

In other news, I have been playing with an open-source software upggrade for my camera’s firmware called CHDK which allows extended use of some of my camera’s features. One of these is shooting in RAW mode which will allow greater control of the images in post-production, as well as increasing long exposure times as well as the use of scripts which is a really cool feature. CHDK allows users to write scripts (essentially small software programmes) which give users the option to program sequences of instructions for the camera to follow. One such script allows for timed-interval exposures which would allow me to take exposures several hours long for say astrophotography, or exposures every 10 seconds for time-lapse videos. Scripts are written in BASIC which would be fairly easy to learn with some reading up. CHDK basically turns my poin-and-shoot Canon G7 into a full-fledged DSLR (minus the SLR).

Anyway, enough tech-gushing. Last tuesday we had a lovely sunset, which I managed to capture for the first time in RAW, and made it into a pseudo-HDR for your pleasure. More next week.


gorgeous sunset over union street, Melbourne.

gorgeous sunset over union street, Melbourne.




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