The future of internal combustion?

10 12 2008

Unleaded E10 (10% ethanol) is down to 94 AUSD cents a litre here as of today. Pretty damn cheap. Diesel doesn’t seem to change all that much. Australia hasn’t followed the trends of europe and asia in producing small, economic cars to cope with escalating petrol prices and concerns about the impact of climate change.

Whats even more puzzling is that in the lead up to christmas, car companies are still pushing big car sales like theres no tomorrow (in spite of the doom and gloom of the impending economic crisis that is as yet to hit Australia).

The picture above for those curious is of a 6-cylinder engine block we found on the beach in Walkerville South in Wilson’s promontory, having been exposed to the elements for what I can only guess as a very long time…..




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