Contrary to popular belief….

24 11 2008

I have not abandoned t’blog! I am just fed up with internet cafes and having to trek somewhere to use the internet. It sucks not having it when and where I need it. I guess I have been spoiled for this at home and at uni. Its also kind of liberating in a sense, as I no longer panic whenever I am not within arm’s length of Google and its unfathomable wisdom.

I am going to try and sit down and post-process my photos in the next week and stick them up en-masse onto Flickr for you all to see. For now, back to work, and a big hug to all those still foolish enough to be reading 🙂



Antipodean Linguistics amongst other things

1 11 2008

Having now been here for a resonable amount of time, we have noticed a few character traits of the Australian english that differ from the UK lexicon.  For a start, a common greeting here is as follows;

Me: “Hi”

Them: “G’day, how you going?”

With the operative word being “going” instead of the more accustomed “doing”, I guess it makes no real difference. . Another peculiarity I noticed when talking to a colleague of mine, whilst discussing the atmosphere of a certain place, she exlaimed that it was always good to “get amongst it” which almost makes the concept of ‘atmosphere’ something tangible, that you can fold yourself into.

During my days at work I listen to the radio, which seems to offer either contemporary new music, oldies but goodies, or a blend of the two. Much the same format as everywhere else. There is also the talk shows on AM and the classical station, and the odd station in an incomprehensible foreign language, which always seem to have the strongest signal. The radio jingles are my favourite bit, with the most outlandish ads being commonly for the most mundane of products like roofing tiles and dale’s world of doors.

Dates also seem to be announced differently. Halloween which falls on the 31st of October of course, is pronounced “October 31” ommitting the “sssttt” that usually follows.  Data is another one of my firm favourites, with the aussies pronouncing it DAH-TA instead of DEY-TA, but who am I to say who is right, i’m as foreign as they get around here.

My work experience is going well, I have learnt a lot about the printing trade from talking with my co-workers. I enjoy mixing the ink, and understanding a bit more about how it is made and how its properties allow the ink to be used for different applications and with different printing methods. This week I undertook the task of colour matching with is quite difficult to the untrained eye. It consists of taking a colour, matching it to a catalogue equivalent and then formulating a preliminary ink mixture. This mixture is then subjected to a series of tests to see whether it will match the colour required after the intensive printing process (i.e being printed onto a particular type of paper at a certain pressure). If it matches and is within a certain margin of error (too clean (bright) or dirty (grainy)) the proportions of base ink are scaled up to however much the customer wants in kilos. Then it is my job to weigh and mix the different ink colours and add any additives. Its is almost 95% like preparing a cake recipe, minus the scraping the bowl part, unless I want a particularly colourful day off ill (see what I did there?).

My bicycle is still going strong, my front wheel is buckled so I get some funky vibrations when going downhill, I really should get it fixed soon. I have also gained notoriety at one of the local train stations, with the announcer always scolding me for riding my bike along the platform. Jobsworth.

The weather is still very variable, with the past few days being very gloomy and murky in the morning, with a huge downpour at lunchtime, followed by thunder and lightning and lovely warm sunshine for the rest of the afternoon. It is steadily getting warmer, which is always nice.

Well, that’s all I can think of for now….