Quick Update

14 10 2008

Its been a while since my last update, so here is a quick summary of what we’ve been up to.

Our job search proved to be a bit of a learning curve, with lots of jobs on offer in and around the area we live in. Most of these jobs are in cafes and restaurants, however turns out, they won’t take you on without relevant experience in the food & drink trade. So, despite handing out many CVs and speaking to managers in person, we had no success. We then began to apply for other types of work (admin and clerical stuff) approaching many job agencies and again handing out CVs. Fortunately we both got some response back from this. I had 4 interviews last week, one of them with an agency who got me som temping work straight away. The other 3 interviews didn’t get me anywhere, with on guy phoning me up to tell me I interviewed really well, but I didn’t get the job because of the world financial crisis putting a halt on all hiring for his company. So it goes.

So I went along to my appointed temping workplace, a company called JetStar, which is the australian low-cost airline, an affiliate to Qantas, and did a day’s worth of filing for them. It was repetitive work, which isn’t the most fun, but I was getting paid relatively well so I couldn;t complain.  and it seemed like everyone in the office felt equally bored as me, so I was itching for the clock to strike 5 o’clock, and head home. Having seen what type of work the agency would be giving me, I have decided to take the job offered to me by my dad’s contact here, working in a warehouse helping in the manufacture of ink. I start tomorrow, so we shall see what its like.

Here is a list of things that are currently floating my boat about Oz:

– Watermelon – is it a fruit? Is it a drink? Its both, yet its neither! mmmm tastes like flowers

– The man who wears the flamboyant body armour who rollerblades down our high street (chapel street) whilst being towed by his two very small dogs.

 – Our house and housemates, an interesting mix of aussies from canberra, a lovely german couple and a student from denmark who sounds a bit like borat.

– The weather, its spring, and the sun is out pretty much every day, prompting me wearing shorts.

– The new internet cafe I found that is actually quick, might be able to upload some pics soon.

Bicycle recycle – buying a bike from this place later for my commute to work.

Right, i’m off now…… ttfn




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