28 09 2008

I have not slept well for the past few nights. I think I had delayed-onset jetlag. I get really sleepy mid afternoon and usually wake very early. It also doesn’t help that the hostel is having an extension built right outside our window. Thankfully today (sunday AM) they are not working, and we have had a nice lie-in. The working pattern here in Melbourne is strange, people here have managed to extend the weekend by an extra day without altering the working week. They party on Friday night, Saturday and Sunday. Mondays in turn feel like Sundays do in the UK. All the shops and restaurants open extended hours on Sundays, and then have very short days on Mondays. Quite a good system so that everyone can have effectively another saturday, but on a sunday if you see what I mean. This weekend has been very busy with it being the finals of the AFL (australian football league). It was Hawthorn Hawks vs Geelong Cats. Hawks won. I don’t understand Aussie rules football, so am afraid I can’t offer any more information other than that.

We’ve done a fair bit in the past few days. We visited Melbourne Zoo, which is pretty big. Saw Bears, Giraffes, Elephants, Emus, Ostrich, Koalas, Kangaroos, Wallabies, and all manner of other marsupials, spiders, insects and reptiles. The Zoo had lots of information about its co-operative breeding programmes with other zoos and abouts its efforts in water and habitat conservation which is important as Victoria is in the middle of a drought, with reservoirs at 30% of their normal capacity. The Zoo wasn’t as nice as other Zoos I have seen, it was dirty, and litter was everywhere.  I also felt sorry for the bears and big cats as their enclosures were small, and they appeared visibly bored and restless.

I took lots of pictures, but I have yet to find an internet cafe that can handle uploading pictures onto Flickr. I am also getting tired of paying $2 everytime I want to check my email, and now we have agreed to move into a house share, buying a computer seems like a much more feasible option, as there is plenty of free wireless internet to be had. A few so called ‘netbooks’ have caught my eye for their low price and good spec. The Acer AspireOne is pretty good, costs around $550 which is 275 pounds and is positively tiny. It also runs Windows XP which is good. The Asus EEEpc 901 is also pretty good, but am not keen on having another Linux machine just yet.

Today we are going to a Market in St.Kilda, where all the products have to be manufactured/grown/produced exclusively from materials sourced in Australia. I am not sure what to expect (pet rocks, animals skins and boomerangs?)  but I hope it is as interesting as it sounds. After that, the hostel is having a barbecue at 5pm, which should also be interesting, first barbecue of our Australian summer…… 🙂




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28 09 2008
Inelu Ballesteros

Hello David and April: How wonderful to have the opportunity to read the “diary” of your adventure. It sounds fascinating! We wish you the best of lucks with job hunting, and making a new life in Kangaroo Country. Have lots of fun! and keep each other good company. We look forward to reading about your journey. Lots of hugs and kisses!!

Inelu and family

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