Quick note

25 09 2008

Quick one for now, only 6 mins left on the timer.  Had more news from our prospective landlord. We have now secured a cheaper room. Only 220 dollars per week, including all bills, which is more affordable than before.

Had a beautiful day today, took advantage and visited the war memorial in the heart of Melbourne, and strolled around the botanical gardens, lovely landscaping and range of vegetationl. Also lots of lovely wildlife,  and information about conservation efforts in the area. Also an interesting site about heliographic astronomical observation conducted in the area when the colony was established.

Also met another couple of travellers who arrived in our hostel today, they were from no other than BATH. I couldn’t believe it. They are very nice, similar age, and have been enjoying their company tonight.

I have also been on the hunt for jobs, attempting to register with job agencies and ads in shop windows and the local paper. Can’t wait to find something interesting and different from what I have done workwise in the past.

Anyway, machine is hassling me to insert more money, so on that note….. goodnight.




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