A home perhaps?

23 09 2008

It is 9:02 pm. I have just eaten a magnum. They sell them here too you know. The girl behind the counter gave me a funny look as I handed her the money for it, as its still “winter” here. So it goes.

After a few days of posting messages on internet messageboards, phoning people regarding houseshares, and generally expressing disgust at the cost of city rent rates, we may actually have found a place that meets our standards. Our initial experiences were not favourable, but the share house we have found seems reasonable. It is owned by the same lady that owns our current hostel. The tenants at the share house seem nice, it is clean, bedrooms big and airy, and rent reasonable. Short leases acceptable, and bills included, and a cleaner is in every week. That pretty much sealed the deal.  A huge sigh of relief was collectively sighed. We can now concentrate our efforts on finding suitable employment and getting to know the area without having to worry where we will be sleeping each night.

We visited St.Kilda today, a neighbourhood by the beach just south of our current location. When we arrived the weather was sunny and warm, but nearer the beach, the wind picked up and it clouded over. It was so cold, it could in fact have been any seaside resort in the UK. It in fact reminded me of Blackpool (minus the grot, well not as much grot anyway). St.Kilda’s history is interesting, it has gone from being a Polish immigrant settlement, to a highly fashionable resort, to a run down area, to a new up and coming mix of backpackers, trendy folk and  yuppies from the city. Like any seaside resort, it had a funfair with a rickety wooden roller coaster and all the other bells and whistles. St.Kilda also has a collection of art deco buildings which are an interesting contrast with the ultra-modern town hall and victorian townhouses that surround the area. Again, pictures will follow.

The internet here (as far as I have found) is not as good as it was back in the UK. It seems to be very slow, even the quoted superfast connections at the internet cafes. Maybe I am just too impatient.  Just an observation anyway.

I have also been subjected to 3 or 4 different attempts to be scammed by would be internet scammers. 3 different African missionaries have tried  to offer me accomodation, as long as I send them a cheque or money transfer for 1 months rent in advance. One has offered to buy my car back in the UK, and another my CDJ cd player. All using the western-union money transfer/dhl courier scam. Bizarre. Needless to say I have declined all their generous offers, I manage to lose/spend money well enough on my own as it is 🙂

Anyway, enough rambling,





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