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21 09 2008

Well, today has been an interesting day. We got up fairly early and searched online for house and flat shares in and around the city, trying to solve our housing situation. A few leads got knocked back, but a few others yielded results. We managed to arrange a viewing in one of the northern suburbs of Melbourne. After getting a train, a tram (the wrong one it turns out) and yet another tram, we arrived at the street where we were meant to be meeting the bloke arranging the viewing. A guy called peter greeted us after giving us many a wrong direction to get to said house. Said house was large, but the interior looked like the cast-off furniture and soft fittings from the brady bunch set. And it smelled of sweat. We made a swift getaway, thanking peter for his time, and made our way back to the city.

On the way back we stopped at the Victoria Market, a huge market selling all kinds of goods and wares. Lots of fresh exotic seafood, amazing looking meat and vegetables, pastries, cheeses, breads, dips, and ready made tapenades and pestoes, a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach. The market also featured all kinds of genuine and fake clothes,  glittering gadgets and trinkets. It was towards the end of the trading day, so the bustle had died down, but it was a nice stroll in the sunshine, althought the wind packed a crisp chill to it.

Our foray out into the ‘burbs today impressed me, the public transport was genuinely excellent. Trains are clean and quiet and on time, and the trams are equally so. A flat-rate fee gets you access onto all forms of transport on a 2 hourly or daily basis, or in a permit form for the more frequent commuter. This system puts some of the bigger european cities to shame, I can’t help but think what a nightmare London will be like with the 2012 Olympics.

Anyway, more flat hunting for us now.




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22 09 2008
Mark Wood

David, you might do better looking for areas that you like and then seeing if anyone has put any adverts in a shop window – like they do at home!
Alternatively, see if you can get a ‘live in’ job with someone that’s rich! Regards Mark and Yvonne

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