New arrivals

18 09 2008

Well, we have arrived in Melbourne. After the 25 hour flight, it was a welcome change of scenery. The flight itself was nice, despite economy being like a sardine in a can, the on-demand entertainment system, food, and free alcohol was great. I also slept like a baby after necking quite a few sleeping tablets.

Melbourne itself seems like a city of great variety. Our hostel is located in a suburb called Windsor to the southeast of the CBD, it seems like a very trendy place with a high street called Chapel street. A street of great contrast. Multi-cultural eateries sit alongside thrift shops and bazaars, and every few yards a high end boutique selling extortionately priced goods. All the buildings are of different design, with fake facades…. some would call a urban planning disaster, but I think it gives it a quirky charm.  People here are still walking round with scarves and coats, as 20 degrees centigrade is considered cold.

Also managed to open a bank account with no hassle, and get a sim card for my battered, by handily unlocked UK nokia phone.  Have not been called a “bloody pom” yet, but I wait with baited breath. Talking about cliches, I did hear the “Four seasons in one day” saying about Melbourne (which is true as it started to rain this afternoon) . Another notch in the notch stick.

Initial impressions on food is good, slightly cheaper than the UK, but not much. Restaurant variety and choice is also better, have seen greek, italian, turk, vietnamese, chinese, japanese, spanish and malaysian but have yet to sample many places…. better get saving/working soon! 

Our hostel is a pretty basic affair. Its basically two terraced houses that have been split and converted into dorms and double rooms. Our room has a double bed with a bunk on top and a large window and blacony overlooking green street. Opposite us sits a brand spanking newglass-fronted building decorated with futuristic looking electric blue support beams, very impressive, turns out its the local circus school!  The bathrooms and toilets are clean,  and the residents (mainly australians oddly enough) are quiet but friendly. The receptionist gave us a quick tour of the hostel and gave us a good intro to the city and the sights. Lots to do and see in the next few days.

Anyway… more news later on.




One response

19 09 2008
Adriana Fisher

Fantastic description of First Ozzie impressions which are well appreciated for all of us who live so far away and have never been there. Glad to hear there are so many contrasts that make the experience even more enriching.
Try combining the sight seeing with making an effor to apoproach contacts so they in their turn start working on suggesting /help find a proper room to stay ideally with a typical Australian family.
Well done so far.

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